Brian | student

"From the moment you walk in the door, Zayas Studios is professional, welcoming & makes you feel a part of a family. The teachers are full of knowledge, encouragement & patience. Learning to play guitar was always a passion of mine. As an adult student, it brings me connection, empowerment, & the ability to share that with others."

Britton | parent

"As a homeschool family, Zayas Studios has been such a blessing to us! The way my children look forward to their lessons & teachers makes me so happy we are making this investment. The quality of instruction they receive is beyond  excellent. The teachers truly care & tailor the lessons to their needs & interests, keeping them wanting to come back for more. Music lessons have instilled in my kids a discipline to learn something new & helped them build self-confidence." 



"We are so grateful for how Zayas Studios pours their heart into our child & her musical studies. We have been taking lessons for over 7 years & have watched our student's interest in music flourish. She started when she was 5, not knowing anything, & now at 12 yrs old is playing on our church's student worship team. We really can't say enough!"

naomi | parent

"We started with a trial guitar lesson for my son 5 years ago - that first lesson opened up a whole new world for him. From the moment I entered Zayas Studios, I could tell it would become a second home for my kids. The owners, administration and teachers all make you feel welcome and are ready to partner with you. They have instilled a love for music as a whole experience, as well as developing their technique and musical skills. Each student is treated as a unique individual and the teachers at Zayas Studios are truly professional and caring." 


tom | student

"I have always dreamed of learning to play music, for 56 years! After a lot of research, I decided upon Zayas Studios. The very first time I walked into the studio I felt a sense of calm and ease and the staff were so welcoming. I have been a student for 3 months now and have accomplished a goal I never thought possible. I have learned not only how to read music and understand music theory but also playing bass guitar at a rate I never imagined. Making the choice to attend Zayas Studios has been the best gift I have given myself."