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Our Team

Daniel Zayas

Daniel Zayas 

piano, guitar, bass, drums, ukulele

As a music major graduate and professional musician, Daniel Zayas has over 25 years of music training and performance experience. He is accomplished in piano, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar and music theory. Daniel’s well-rounded knowledge of multiple instruments and music as a whole, combined with his dynamic personality makes him an incredible instructor. He has experience in many genres of music and specializes as well in worship platform training. Additionally, Daniel was employed at Christ Fellowship as a Youth Worship Leader in which he led worship, developed student bands, wrote and arranged music and directed youth choir. For five consecutive years Daniel also toured with the national act band “Tenth Avenue North” playing lead guitar, keyboard and BGV.

Daniel’s passion for music and people has been reflected in the past seventeen years of his teaching history. He is gifted in communicating music principals by integrating his fun and creative energy with excellence in music instruction. Currently, he is a Music Director at Christ Fellowship and owner of Zayas Studios.


sarah allen


Sarah Allen brings over 25 years of classical piano training and a wealth of teaching experience to Zayas Studios. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Piano Performance from Florida Atlantic University, in addition to being a piano major graduate from Dreyfoos School of the Arts and BAK School of the Arts. Sarah has taught for several years at Florida Atlantic University’s TOPS piano summer programs and has been on our Zayas Studios teaching staff for 10 years. She has also played alongside Libby Larson, one of today’s most renowned female music composers.

We are fortunate to have Sarah apart of our teaching staff and value her patient, personable and knowledgeable approach to music lessons. Accomplished as a classical pianist, her strong foundation of music theory is of great worth to each of her students. She is a wonderful piano teacher for students of all ages – challenging and inspiring them to grow in the art and love of piano.


jean-paul Lemos


Having 18 years of experience, Jean Paul is notable a skilled and versatile drummer and is well known in South Florida’s music community. He comes with a wealth of performance and studio background, both local and international. Jean Paul has played at the Kravis Center, Cruzan Amphitheatre, Hard Rock Casino, Wayfest, the Dolphin Stadium and many more. He is currently a lead drummer at Christ Fellowship, in addition to being a drum instructor and professional studio recording artist.

Jean Paul is familiarized with multiple genres, including rock, pop and church music. As an instructor, he focuses on accenting, proper drum technique and works with students to break down and master the intricacies of drumming. Jean Paul is passionate about coming alongside his students to give them the proper training they need to fulfill their musical goals and to encourage them in their progress on a weekly basis.


Priscilla ozodo-acevedo


Priscilla Ozodo-Acevedo with over 20 years of training and experience as a vocalist, holds a BA in Music from Houghton College. As a well-rounded, highly experienced vocal coach, she teaches vocal genres including pop, gospel, church music, musical theatre and jazz. Additionally, Priscilla has a certificate of training with the Vocal Artistry Teacher Development Program and a certificate in Music Ministry from Panam College of Music Ministry.


Priscilla is a singer-songwriter and has also been a worship leader and worship training coach for over 20 years. She has also toured with and directed gospel choirs and hosted worship events in England and Nigeria.


As a passionate and friendly instructor, Priscilla believes that everyone can sing! She has the ability and desire to bring out the singer in each student and help them overcome their barriers and instill good techniques that help them achieve freedom and confidence in expressing themselves through singing.


Maria foreman

piano, voice

Maria Foreman is a skilled piano and voice teacher with over 12 years of formal training and performance experience. She is currently completing her degree at Palm Beach Atlantic University studying Popular Music and Education.  Versed in multiple genres, Maria teaches classical, pop/contemporary, musical theatre and worship.


Her background includes several years of musical theatre performances, 10 years of formal music training in voice and piano, choir and worship team experience and has completed worship training programs. Additionally, Maria is currently the main keys player and Music Director for Christ Fellowship Downtown and also oversees music for their student program.


Maria is a very relatable and patient teacher, pairing her personal understanding and experience in music lesson processes with her kind spirit. She helps her students connect the dots musically and also presents musical concepts in ways that are simplified and easily understood.


sergio castano

piano, guitar, ukulele

Sergio Castano has 24 years of training and experience in both piano and guitar and holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music Education with an emphasis on piano. Additionally, Sergio holds a Master of Science in childhood and adolescence mental health and a PhD in psychology. Combining his music training and psychology background are what make him such a wonderful instructor. His ability to relay music concepts thru the lens of his psychology understanding is an invaluable asset to his teaching.


Sergio instructs for piano, guitar and ukulele and is well-versed in many genres of music including classical, contemporary/pop, latin, gospel, rock and blues. He has 14 years of performance experience, including playing on worship band and worship leading.


His patient and calm demeanor in conjunction with his professional training and experience in teaching students of all ages, creates a comfortable learning environment for his students to grow in musically.


kevin farmer

guitar, piano, bass, drums

Kevin has 21 years of musical training and experience and is versed in guitar, piano, bass and drums. He holds a B.A. in Music and Business from Bluffton University and teaches many genres of music including classical, contemporary, rock, blues and worship. As a professional musician, Kevin has played for many special events and bands and has played on church worship teams and as a worship leader for many years.


Additionally, Kevin has been a middle school and high school band director, as well as having taught elementary music. His broad teaching background makes him a phenomenal teacher for all student ages and levels.


Kevin is committed to instructing the important fundamentals and techniques of music in a manner that is easy to understand and apply. He focuses on partnering with each student to have clear music goals, creating roadmaps to help them achieve those. Kevin has a very friendly approachable personality that makes learning new musical skills fun and enjoyable.

Felipe Cardenas

felipe cardenas


Felipe Cardenas is a music graduate from Instituto Canzion Colombia and is a highly skilled acoustic and electric guitarist. With over 22 years of experience, Felipe is familiarized with a broad range of genres including rock, pop, jazz, funk and worship. During his studies, he trained in improvisation, guitar techniques and harmony.

In addition, Felipe also has extensive performance experience and is currently a guitarist at Christ Fellowship. He integrates his knowledge of guitar technique into his lessons to develop a strong musical foundation for each student; providing them the ability to enjoy music in all of its expression.

Felipe is both a friendly and patient instructor and is very intentional in his planning for each student’s lessons – helping them discover a passion for music, while developing their skills along the way.




Irina has a plethora of training and experience in classical piano and holds a Master’s Degree in Music Education and Music Performance from The State Academy of Music and Arts in Russia. Having extensive performance experience, Irina has been a winner of several regional piano competitions, performed in many concerts and was the director of an orchestra. Currently, she is a professional pianist locally and has been a private piano teacher for many years.


Combining her professional, audience-related experiences with her extensive formal training, Irina uses a teaching method that combines classical Russian piano methodology and American/European piano methodology to help students discover and sharpen their musical abilities. Whether a student wants to pursue a music career or learn piano as a hobby, Irina is passionate about teaching students how to utilize music as a personal outlet and the importance of developing that ability to share their musical gifts with others around them.

Gabby Lindsey

gabby lindsey

voice, singer-songwriting 

Gabby holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music from Palm Beach Atlantic University with a focus on pop and worship music. As an experienced private voice teacher, Gabby has over 15 years of training and experience in vocals. She teaches contemporary, pop and worship genres of music. In addition, Gabby is able to provide singer-songwriting lessons for students who aspire to explore this area of music; sharing her passion and experience in original song-writing.


Gabby has a plethora of performance experience including singing in classical, jazz and pop ensembles, as well as performing in popular music venues in Nashville, TN and locally. She is also an experienced and active worship leader. In her private lessons, she strives to teach proper singing and breath technique but also to help students discover their own unique voice and style. Gabby’s friendly, encouraging teaching approach helps her students find confidence in their voice.

Lisa Gold

Lisa gold


As a highly experienced and gifted music instructor, Lisa Gold has been a professional piano teacher for over 18 years. She holds a degree in Montessori Education and has taught music for multiple schools and academies in Palm Beach County. Lisa has a combined 45 years of piano training and experience, teaching all genres of music with a focus on classical and pop/contemporary music. She has classical piano performance experience among which she has written and performed for New Day Singers here in Florida.


Lisa is passionate about honing in on each student’s musical desires, goals and interests in order to provide a tailored lesson experience that keeps them motivated and on track. In addition, Lisa incorporates music theory training in her lessons to develop a strong music foundation for her students.


Her gentle teaching approach combined with her vast background in teaching piano to children and adults of all ages and stages, makes her an effective and enjoyable music teacher here at Zayas Studios.

Renee Zayas

renee zayas

office administrator / owner 

With years of experience in the arts, office administration and business, Renee brings an array of assets to Zayas Studios. She attended Dreyfoos School of the Arts with both dance and communications majors, as well as trained professionally in classical ballet for over 13 years. Renee has directed and choreographed several performances and has a wealth of hands on experience in the arts including dance, writing and design.

In addition to her love and exposure to the arts, Renee comes with lots of office administration background through which she helps direct and support the back-end of things here at Zayas Studios. You will often see her face in the front office or speak with her over the phone.

Together with her husband Daniel Zayas, this great duo has built a strong, inspiring foundation for the studio.


Jersey baird

office manager 

Jersey is one of the first people you will meet at Zayas Studios as our wonderful Office Manager. You will find her in our front office or speak to her on the phone when you connect with us. She is dedicated to assisting all our families with scheduling, tuition and any other needs that arise.


Jersey is on our Zayas Studio's team caring for our students and staff and ensuring a wonderful overall lessons experience. She is also keeping a close eye on our student's coming and going to and from lessons, adding an element of safety to our studio.


We know you will love her as much as we do!

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