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Summer at Zayas Studios

We are a year-round music school and our private music lessons continue thru the summer months as well! Please communicate with the front office your plans for summer so we can adjust billing/scheduling accordingly. 


 Here's what you need to know about summer:

Retain Your Time Slot

Students who continue over the summer retain their optimal time slot and teacher. 

Fill-In Student Option

If you cannot attend weekly over the summer, you can choose to be a fill-in student: where you book a la carte lessons where we have openings. *fill-in students do not have a dedicated time slot 

Need a Time Change?

If you need a permanent time change for next school year, summer students get first priority to slots.

Keep Music Momentum!

Summer is a great opportunity for students to keep up their music momentum & spend some extra free time practicing & exploring music. 

Virtual + Digital Lessons

We will continue to offer virtual or digital lesson options for absences. 

Can't Continue Summer?

If you are unable to continue over summer months, you will be withdrawing from your time slot. We recommend you resume lessons BEFORE school starts to get a time you need. 



(561) 842.1515

Office hours Monday - Friday
2:30pm - 7:00pm (EST)


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