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Studio Changes Announcement

As Zayas Studios has grown and shifted over the past 13 years, from time to time we have to implement changes to accommodate growth and create more functional, streamlined processes in order to serve our families and effectively run the internal workings of the studio. Please take a few moments to learn about some upcoming changes. 

Monthly Tuition Payments 

Monthly tuition payments will be migrating to a standard set amount each month, rather than being calculated based on the number of weeks in each month, which is inconsistent. Monthly tuition will be as follows: 

​30 minute lessons = $140 per month 

60 minute lessons = $280 per month 

  • The standard monthly tuition rate is based on a yearly average of 4 lessons per month

  • While there are 52 weeks in a year, the studio is open for lessons 48 weeks per year (we deduct weeks that we are closed for holidays). Our 48 weeks per year breaks down to 4 lessons per month. 

  • These standard monthly tuition rates will go in effect beginning August 1st, 2021

  • AutoPay and manual payment methods will still be available, due on the 1st of the month with a 10-day grace period 

Annual Registration Fee

Currently, registration fees annually renew in the same month of your initial registration. We will be migrating annual registration fee renewals to one of two renewal dates in the year, whichever date falls closest to your current renewal month. 

  • Registration fees will renew annually either on September 1st or February 1st (whichever date falls closest to your current renewal month) 

  • The registration fee amount will  be changing to $40 per household 

  • You will be notified of your new renewal date prior to it being processed

Lesson Cancellations

As our teacher's schedules become more full and our ability to accommodate makeup lessons is not something we can guarantee, we will not be able to offer makeup lessons moving forward. In place of makeup lessons, we have will be offering a couple options if a student misses a lesson: 

  • Digital Lesson: during a student's usual lesson time, the teacher will record a personalized, customized lesson plan for you. A digital lesson is a video recording of the teacher demonstrating and explaining what the student should work on for that week and will attach any needed documents or additional links. You will receive your digital lesson via email and will receive a text message alert when it has been sent. Students can view the digital lesson as many times as they like and leave any questions they might have in the comments section of the video. 

  • Virtual Lesson: in the event that a student is ill or otherwise unable to attend in-person at the studio, a student can opt to utilize our virtual platform with their teacher via Zoom or Facetime during their usual lesson time.

  • Please note that both Digital and Virtual Lessons require lesson cancellation notice PRIOR to the start of their lesson time. Lessons that are not provided cancellation notice will not be able to receive a digital or virtual lesson and will still be included in tuition. 

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